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EXATEC EuropaCE is about Incorporating; know-how, integration and talent development.
EXATEC Alumni Club in Central and Eastern Europe (EuropaCE) is the leading group with more land area renowned from its sponsoring institution.

Our mission is to develop, integrate and support people, projects and / or activities directly related ITESM ** or indirectly * to strengthen ties with individuals, institutions and enterprises established in Central and Eastern Europe to improve to their community in social, political, and economic and competitive internationally.
** Graduates, Alumni assets and / or managers
* People who are not alumni, students and / or directors and working with alumni, active students and / or directors of ITESM.

This group consists of: The Bureau, Project Developers, Advisory Members and Participating Members.

  • The Bureau of directors consists of: one President, a Vice President and a Secretary. This section is the only Alumni Club that has to be composed of three graduates of the institution.
  • The project developers are people in charge of a specific activity that is performed as part of our leadership events (eg business events, cultural, sports, integration, etc.)..
  • The advisory members are experts in one area (eg business executives, professors, presidents of other associations) that we provide their knowledge for the betterment of our projects.
  • The participating members of the group are individuals who are part of our activities temporarily without being involved in the development of any project or decision of the Alumni Club.

We are also a group open to people of any nationality, sex, religion, race, schooling, culture, who are interested into cooperate, lead, or develop projects (mainly business projects), in this part of the world.

On this site you can find further information about the thoughts and ideas carried out by the EXATECs in Central and Eastern Europe; among other things, here you will see news about the future events organized by the association, as well as detailed information about the past events.

The motivation of the Alumni Club comes from the principles of its Manifesto.

To find out more,

If you would like to find out more about our activities or if you’re interested in joining us , then please contact us today.

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